Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

OK, I like a non-sensical historical action flick as much as anyone. But this is Hollywood drivel in its most derogatory sense. Its historic Middle East is a land of Orientalist myths, the casting of its leads (especially in the case of Gemma Arterton - remember Strawberry Fields?) is ridiculous, but most importantly, it's boring! There's a magical dagger that gets tossed around so many times between the good guys and the bad guys, no one cares anymore after the umpteenth time it changes hands. Even my favorite game -let's spot the blatant analogies- becomes tiresome. Persians attack Alamut on suspicions of WMD, but there are none! Alas, Alamut sits on an extremely valuable natural resource: magical sand! Whatever.

It's an annoyingly bad movie, with a $ 150 million price tag.

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  1. The moment its press releases came out, I knew we were gonna see a Razzie material... :)