Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hollywood Is Everywhere: Global Directors in the Blockbuster Era

My book came out last month from AUP, and among (or rather, right before) all the craziness in Turkey, this is what I wrote on my Facebook wall:

So, I guess time for shameless promotion has finally arrived. The book is now available, and yes, sadly it's expensive, but maybe you could get your library to buy a copy? (And if enough copies are sold, maybe we'll get a paperback version!)

Back to the blog post.

This is the official blurb:
"Hollywood has a long tradition of bringing in emigre directors from around the world, dating back to the silent era. And today, as the film industry is ever more global, the people who make blockbuster movies reflect that, hailing from many countries across the world. But that fact hides a fundamental difference, one that Melis Behlil examines in Hollywood is Everywhere: today’s Hollywood studios are themselves transnational, with ownership structures and financial arrangements that stretch far beyond the borders of the United States. Seen in that context, today’s international directors are less analogous to the emigre talent of the past than to ordinary transnational employees of other major global corporations."

You can go to the AUP website for further information and ordering, or to Amazon. The book is available in hardcover and ebook for now (again, if it sells enough copies, we'll get a paperback edition). 

This is pretty exciting news, even though it has been somewhat overshadowed with the attempted coup, state of emergency, and what not... 

My book (my actual copy now) at NECS conference in Potsdam (photo by Ger Zielinski)


  1. akademinin güvenli sularında "all the craziness" arasında suya sabuna dokunmadan yüzmek kolay tabii..

  2. Türkiye'deki güvenli akademi, evet, çok haklısınız.

  3. Türkiye'deki güvenli akademi, evet, çok haklısınız.

  4. hıhı.. o yüzden suya sabuna dokunmadan demiştim.. hemen demagoji yapmaya gerek yok..