Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel dirty

It's like going to a McDonalds. It's fun while you eat, but afterwards, you feel all that heavy and greasy crap inside your digestive system. That's what Mission Istaanbul feels like. It's so incoherent and inane, there's no point in even trying to review it. The story makes absolutely no sense, acting is not even there, product placement is infuriatingly blatant. The (Turkish) cops speak to each other in Turkish in some scenes, in English in others. Sometimes they switch mid-sentence. It's impossible to tell who is Indian and who is Turkish, and it doesn't even matter really, because everyone speaks fluent Hindi. Oh, and George W. Bush is in it.

I must admit that the film makes really good use of Istanbul though, every inch of the city is covered.

See it only with friends. Preferably in Istanbul. Preferably drunk.

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