Thursday, June 6, 2013


I cannot let this day go by without a little post about çapuling.

Photo: Tumblr / @SilaVarlik
Çapuling (eng. chapulling, deu. tschapullieren) comes from “çapulcu,” the term our PM has used to describe the protesters (here in Turkish). It basically means marauder, looter, pillager, bum, etc. People have taken this to heart, and we all started calling ourselves “çapulcu.” Çapuling is the act of being a çapulcu, as can be seen on Zargan translation site in Turkish, or in this Wikipedia entry (

The verb was made popular by this viral video and even Chomsky declared himself to be a çapulcu today.

It’s amazing how much humor there is out there these days – signs, slogans, songs, videos… Sorry, they’re mostly untranslateable!

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